Crystal'Brand: creating value with your efforts

The solution to reinvent your communication


Experiencing difficulties in :

Communicating with your audience

Are you limited to the use of centralized solutions to communicate with your customers?

Monitoring the secondary market

Interested in tracing and generating revenue from all sales your products in the secondary market?

Reinventing your communication

Do you want to stand out from the competition by reinventing your communication?

We are here to help you!


Products that fit your needs


Crystal'NFT allows you to benefit from all the advantages of NFTs in order to authenticate, certify and trace your products on the secondary market


Benefit from your own decentralised marketplace to facilitate the resale of your products on the secondary market via NFT technology.

Our expertise

A unique solution


Each product is uniquely authenticated and a digital certificate is issued upon purchase


Full traceability

By combining Crystal'Brand with Crystal'Trace, you will be able to have full traceability on your products



Take advantage and control the sale of your products via different channels. Crystal'Brand is the solution allowing you to reinvent your communication with your customers

Market place

We offer you a marketplace specific to your brand to follow the sales of your products and reinvent your communication

Our technologies

Welcome to Web 3.0


NFT technology makes your products unique, verifiable and traceable on the blockchain

Big Data

In this flood of information, big data helps you make sense of it all


Artificial Intelligence is a cutting edge technology used to analyse your products in the secondary market.

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