Crystal ESG: Providing visibility to your social and environmental engagements:

The complete and easy-to-use platform to manage your CSR strategy


Experiencing difficulties in :

Understanding the risks in your supply chain

Is it difficult for you to have a clear vision of all the actors in the supply chain and their associated risks (child labour, organic certification, etc.)?

Centralise certificates

Are you lost with all your certificates of conformity and want to find them in one place?

Proving carbon emissions

Difficulty in proving your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint?

We are here to help you!


Crystal'GEC is the product that help's you comply with the AGEC law


Crystal'CO2 is the product is that helps you prove your efforts to reduce carbon emissions and offset them

Our expertise

Supporting you in your ESG issues


Crystalchain helps you to comply with the new ESG laws (AGEC law)

Risk management

Our solution is there to help you better manage your ESG risks (supplier responsibilities, environmental audits)

Climate of trust

We help you to develop a climate of trust between your customers and your partners

Competitive advantage

Our solution provides a clear competitive advantage in dynamic and competitive sectors as we are set up to respond to quickly changing needs of the market.


Crystal'ESG x Crystal'Trace​

By connecting Crystal’Trace to Crystal’ESG, gain complete visibility of your supply chain, revolutionising your risk management

Trace your products throughout the entire value chain to identify associated risks and provide the necessary transparency to the consumer.

The Crystal’ESG solution also allows you to generate Life Cycle Analyses of your products, fed by Crystal’Trace data.

Thanks to of traceability data analysis, you can better manage your product life cycle right from the design stage of your future products.

By connecting Crystal’ESG to Crystal’Trace, you will have a complete view of the different actors in the supply chain and you can easily audit them.

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