For a fashion and luxury industry committed to CSR

For a fashion and luxury industry committed to CSR

"Transparency is paramount for proving our social and environmental commitments to consumers"
Déborah Berger
Deputy Development Director - Chargeurs

Prove and master your CSR commitments:

your CSR commitments

your value chain

your CSR commitments

your value chain

Prove your commitments to consumers with our marketing package

QR Code : your commitments are visible on the product label


  • Provenance / transformation stages

  • Information on materials and processes 

  • Proof documents (videos, certificates…) for each commitment

E-commerce module: storytelling backed up by proof on your website


  • A list of verified commitments engagements on your product file

  • A detailed description of your commitments

  • Links to the proof of these commitments

Master and drive your CSR strategy with our dashboards

Production monitoring/ product traceability


  • Knowledge of supplier practices and control of production volumes

  • Information sharing with suppliers 

  • Supplier certification and conformity checks 



Monitor your environmental impact and your strategy's performance

We help you meet the UN’s sustainable development goals 

Biodiversity, impact on climate change, human health, water consumption, ecotoxicity …

Choose the power of a recognized traceability platform

Reliable data collected from your suppliers

Secure data saving and structuring on our blockchain platform

In-house : clear visualization of your data with our strategic and operational dashboards 

Externally : communication of your commitments to consumers

Testimonial and references