We are scaling up ocean regeneration. Bringing our traceability expertise to a globally impactful project


Noah ReGen is an international consortium offering ocean states a comprehensive solution to fast-track their ecological transition, including tools for valuing their natural resources, unlocking new sources of income (such as carbon credits), attracting private funds, and tracing blended finance projects for maximum impact.


Traceability of ESG projects

Crystalchain allows Noah Regen to provide traceability information on the life cycle of carbon credits from the beginning of the sequestration project throughout its lifespan and up to certification and the issuance of carbon credits.

Traceability of resale

Crystalchain, for sovereign carbon credits, offers a tool to trace their resale on the marketplace and how that profit is reinvested in other local impact-driven projects.

Accredit your project

Crystalchain platform offers a tool for each environmental actor to accredit their projects, and offer carbon credits of better quality with higher transparency.

A holistic project

Our platform goes beyond tracing sequestration to include all the ESG components of a project, such as :

Why is NOAH ReGen needed?

The ocean is the world’s largest climate mitigator, absorbing up to 50% of all fossil fuel-related carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, “blue carbon” ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrass beds, and tidal marshes are among the most intense carbon sinks on the planet.

Yet humans are decimating this precious resource at a time when we need it most. Pollution, greenhouse emissions, and over-fishing are already costing the ocean dearly. And coastal degradation is only likely to worsen given the rising global population, 40 percent of which lives within 100km of the sea.

To help reverse this trend, it is crucial to help ocean nations find a financially sustainable way to invest in environmental protection. Monetizing blue carbon credits from public and private carbon sequestration projects is a crucial step for this. And this is what NOAH ReGen and its partners are developing.

This disruptive project allows countries and companies to easily prove the quality of their carbon credits, offering a clear and provable vision not just on carbon impact but on all the co-benefits such as biodiversity.

Julie Wild
COO Noah Regen

Crystalchain's team is honored to have been chosen by Noah ReGen for this project. It is another example of what our traceability platform can offer as a foundation for CSR policies. Since its creation, our company’s strategy has been to provide technical solutions for projects that value ethics, quality, safety and the environment, including the reduction of GHG emissions. Our ambition is to continue growing our decarbonation project portfolio to provide greater reliability to companies who wish to ensure their CSR efforts are effective and trustworthy

Sylvain Cariou
CEO Crystalchain

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